colourpop lippies

Colourpop Lippie Try-on & Review

If you are a huge KathleenLights fan, like myself (love her – she’s so cute), you know that she recently had another collab with affordable makeup brand, Colourpop Cosmetics.

I obviously had to purchase some (pretty much all) of the items she released, which did not disappoint.

colourpop cosmetics


The products themselves are awesome. I love them all. I wasn’t super thrilled with Colourpop’s shipping system, as I see famous YouTubers getting these awesomely packaged product displays in the mail in a timely fashion.

I, however, went a WEEK after purchasing with no shipping notification. It wasn’t until I emailed them asking when my order would ship that they actually shipped it. Not cool. Then they answered me a couple days after that with my tracking info… Ummm?

Also, when they arrived they were just thrown into the box and half of the products were outside of their packaging. Weird.

But they’re here now and I love everything. My advice to the Colourpop team? Pay more attention to your paying customers instead of those who get it for free. But, I digress.


I mentioned this in my video below, but the smell on the hippie stix is horrendous. Not sure when they reformulated and added this scent, but it’s gross. It goes away in a couple of seconds after application, though. No gross scent was in the ultra satins.

colourpop cosmetics


Taurus is a warm brown matte shade. I figured while I was placing an order, I might as well add this to my cart because I have been curious how a warm brown lip would look on me. I actually really like it and am excited to wear it this fall. It also made my teeth look white. I appreciate that, thanks.

colourpop taurus

Bound is not part of the KathleenLights collab collection, but I have wanted to try this for quite awhile. It’s also the only glossy finish I have tried from them. I like it a lot! This is a sheer-ish cool pink color. I like it best with a lip liner.

Note: I am not a fan of ColourPop’s lippie pencils as I find them difficult to sharpen (plastic, not wood). 

colourpop bound

Lumiere is one I’ve enjoyed a lot since I purchased this at the original release date. This one does not have the weird smell. The newer batches might, though. It’s a rosy mauve color with a matte finish and it’s beautiful.

colourpop lumiere

Aquarius is my perfect nude shade. It has a creme finish and is super comfortable on the lips. I think I’ll be getting a ton of use out of this one when I wear darker/colorful eye looks.

colourpop aquarius

Alyssa is a part of the newest collab with Colourpop and it’s an ultra satin lip. I love this formula. It’s a LOT like the Jouer matte lip cremes. This is a gorgeous nude pink color and does not have a bad smell. It’s super comfortable and long wearing as well.

colourpop alyssa

November is another part of the new collab and is a ultra satin lip, too. It’s a warm pink and is very flirty and fun. Can’t complain here.

colourpop november

colourpop lippies

…and here is my live swatching & review video:

I’m overall happy with the products and not-so-happy about the customer service experience. But for the price and quality, I will be a repeat customer for sure.


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