baby girl nursery

Baby Girl Nursery | Lots of DIY

Saturday marked the official start of being 38 weeks pregnant with our first baby. Every day I wake up thinking ‘Today’s the day! My water is totes going to break and we’ll meet our princess by tomorrow!” …but nope, nothing yet. Lots of Braxton Hicks and wishful thinking.

But the good news is her nursery is ready (as well as a whole bunch of baby stuff all over the house, such as changing stations, swing, bassinet, etc.). I love how it turned out. It’s so serene and adorable, although super small. I refinished a lot of the furniture pieces and my husband built some awesome industrial shelves for my excessive decorations and books.

Baby girl nursery shelves

The bookends are geode slices dyed teal. The glass container is full of headbands and bows. AH, CAN’T WAIT TO USE THOSE.  The really cute cord hanging down is the video baby monitor that’s positioned to look right into the crib.

baby girl nursery

I found those awesome letters at Michael’s – they are all mismatched and look fab. My husband laid these beautiful engineered wood floors and painted all the trim white, as well as the walls a soft, cool grey.

I refinished his childhood dresser to this slate grey/navy color and it now serves as storage and a changing table combo. I say storage because the drawers are hard to open and are super loud, so I didn’t put any clothes in them.

baby girl crib

Her sweet little crib! I made the quilt at the end. It was awful to sew, but is incredibly soft and will work great when she’s older during the colder months. So fluffy = clogging my sewing machine and breaking needles every two minutes. Worth it.

baby girl nursery organization

(Ignore the top shelf – yikes)

The closet and clothing situation was kind of a hot mess to organize. We got a ton of clothes for her (not a problem) and I want her to be able to wear everything before she outgrows them. But if you’re a mama, you know that they grow so fast and the brands differ in sizing so much that it’s probably not going to happen. I tried to organize them the best way I could. The cube with baskets helped with that, and I also got a hanging organizer where I put all of her sleepers and newborn & 0-3 month outfits/onesies.

The ‘fancy’ stuff is hanging up so I can hopefully remember to use it.

I didn’t take a photo of the left closet because it’s full of diapers and the hanging organizer. That’s it.

baby girl nersery

This is where I’ll be rocking/feeding/pumping, obviously. We have a bottle cooler/warmer there for night feedings once she takes a bottle. The lamb thing is a floor mat for little ones to lay on. So cute and fuzzy.

Also, side note – finding blush colored curtains is nearly impossible. I did not want super pink cotton candy colored curtains and that’s all I could seem to find. These are from Target and they are super nice quality. In case you were looking for something similar.

vera bradley diaper bags

What you see here is the exact same diaper bag in two different sizes. I am crazy.

They are both by Vera Bradley in the Stroll Around style, I think. The one on the left is the Large Stroll Around diaper bag and the right one is the small version.

I thought I could get away with the smaller bag based on reviews I read. However, once we got it and I packed it, we realized it’s really small. A lot of friends and family agreed so we bought the big one. I got these on eBay for super cheap. All brand new Vera Bradley items, way discounted. The front area zips down and a changing pad comes out and the inside of the bag is plastic-ish so it can be wiped out as needed. There are also stroller straps for convenience.

The small version is now going to be our in-car diaper bag. Because apparently that’s a thing.

Reading through this post, I realize this is probably super boring for non-moms. But if you’re a mommy-to-be, it’s so exciting! Thanks for reading regardless. 

Next time I post, I’ll hopefully be a mom. I am trying to follow every old wives tale possible to put myself into labor… Now, please excuse me while I eat a whole pineapple.

38 weeks pregnant

And now, a super grainy photo with horrible lighting of me 38 weeks pregnant. 


3 thoughts on “Baby Girl Nursery | Lots of DIY

  1. emmilleriowa says:

    Adorable nursery! I’m a mom of a nearly 5 year old, so I appreciate the trip down memory lane and remembering how exciting it is to be two weeks away!

    Sounds like you’ve made some really sensible choices. And no – you will never ever use all of the clothes that were purchased for the first 2 years. It’s after 2 years old that you start to run low on clothes, and they become more expensive, and all of a sudden no one is giving you the hook up anymore…

    Don’t fret the clothes, though. I had so many outfits and honestly ended up just sticking to the fuzzy footed pajamas mostly because we were all about ease & comfort once the baby came.

    Good luck!


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