colourpop lippies

Colourpop Lippie Try-on & Review

If you are a huge KathleenLights fan, like myself (love her – she’s so cute), you know that she recently had another collab with affordable makeup brand, Colourpop Cosmetics.

I obviously had to purchase some (pretty much all) of the items she released, which did not disappoint.

colourpop cosmetics


The products themselves are awesome. I love them all. I wasn’t super thrilled with Colourpop’s shipping system, as I see famous YouTubers getting these awesomely packaged product displays in the mail in a timely fashion.

I, however, went a WEEK after purchasing with no shipping notification. It wasn’t until I emailed them asking when my order would ship that they actually shipped it. Not cool. Then they answered me a couple days after that with my tracking info… Ummm?

Also, when they arrived they were just thrown into the box and half of the products were outside of their packaging. Weird.

But they’re here now and I love everything. My advice to the Colourpop team? Pay more attention to your paying customers instead of those who get it for free. But, I digress.


I mentioned this in my video below, but the smell on the hippie stix is horrendous. Not sure when they reformulated and added this scent, but it’s gross. It goes away in a couple of seconds after application, though. No gross scent was in the ultra satins.

colourpop cosmetics


Taurus is a warm brown matte shade. I figured while I was placing an order, I might as well add this to my cart because I have been curious how a warm brown lip would look on me. I actually really like it and am excited to wear it this fall. It also made my teeth look white. I appreciate that, thanks.

colourpop taurus

Bound is not part of the KathleenLights collab collection, but I have wanted to try this for quite awhile. It’s also the only glossy finish I have tried from them. I like it a lot! This is a sheer-ish cool pink color. I like it best with a lip liner.

Note: I am not a fan of ColourPop’s lippie pencils as I find them difficult to sharpen (plastic, not wood). 

colourpop bound

Lumiere is one I’ve enjoyed a lot since I purchased this at the original release date. This one does not have the weird smell. The newer batches might, though. It’s a rosy mauve color with a matte finish and it’s beautiful.

colourpop lumiere

Aquarius is my perfect nude shade. It has a creme finish and is super comfortable on the lips. I think I’ll be getting a ton of use out of this one when I wear darker/colorful eye looks.

colourpop aquarius

Alyssa is a part of the newest collab with Colourpop and it’s an ultra satin lip. I love this formula. It’s a LOT like the Jouer matte lip cremes. This is a gorgeous nude pink color and does not have a bad smell. It’s super comfortable and long wearing as well.

colourpop alyssa

November is another part of the new collab and is a ultra satin lip, too. It’s a warm pink and is very flirty and fun. Can’t complain here.

colourpop november

colourpop lippies

…and here is my live swatching & review video:

I’m overall happy with the products and not-so-happy about the customer service experience. But for the price and quality, I will be a repeat customer for sure.


July 2016 Boxycharm Review

Another month of Boxycharm for the win! If you don’t know what Boxycharm is, it’s a monthly subscription box where you pay $21 each month and receive over $100 worth of full sized beauty products – typically 4 to 6 items. I have been super happy with this box and will continue to receive it until I feel it’s not worth it anymore (unlikely).

This month was probably my favorite month so far. Here’s what came inside:

July 2016 Boxycharm

So, 4 items this month (but really one of the items was 7 items in one – the palette).

PYT Argan Hair Oil

Value: $30.00

I’m excited to try this on day 2 or 3 of unwashed hair (no judgments – I use dry shampoo). It starts to feel a little dry on those days so I think this will be useful!

Mally Beauty Rounded Blender Brush

Value: $15.00

I tried this out this morning and love it! It blends flawlessly and it’s super cute, too. I like it better than my Sigma E40 because it’s a bit more dense and a little smaller in diameter.

NOYAH Lip Gloss

Value: $16.00

This is really pretty! It’s actually a gloss, not a lip cream, which is refreshing. Also, the packaging is made of recycled goods and the product is composed of good ingredients. Not sticky at all and a pretty color, too.

OFRA Professional Magnetic Palette + 6 Shadows

Value: $59.00

Although this palette isn’t as high quality as a Z Palette (this one is made of cardboard), it’s still awesome to have on hand! My other Z palettes are overly crowded so I’m excited to break up my warm and cool toned eyeshadows.

Also, the 6 shadows that came with it – not sure of the names – are fabulous! I wasn’t impressed when I swatched them, but when I applied them to my eyes over a primer, they are GREAT. I am super impressed and was happy to receive some cool toned colors!

I think the shadows retail for $10-12 a piece normally, which is pretty high considering MAC and Makeup Geek shadows are at a $6 price point.

OFRA professional palette

Boxycharm july 2016

Here are all of the swatches.

Overall, this box was a hit with me. I think it was well worth the $21.

Click here to check out Boxycharm!


Oily skin must-haves

Beauty Must-Haves For Oily Skin

Oily skin must-haves

Being a victim of oily skin, I’ve tried a LOT of products to help control it. Whether that be throughout a long work day, spending the day outside, or needing heat-resistant products so your makeup doesn’t slide all over your face.

I’ve learned to tame it through trial and error and am here to share my wealth of knowledge (kidding, but really though). My routine is a combination of makeup and skincare, and here are my top suggestions.

Makeup for Oily Skin

Mattifying primer

Try out the Makeup Forever Step 1 Mattifying Primer. This product is awesome once you understand how to use it. Don’t rub it onto the face all over, but rather press it into the oily areas only – it dries quickly so if you rub it in it will ball up. Just FYI. I put a super small amount in my t-zone areas and it holds up well throughout the day. Another benefit is this stuff will last a long time because you barely need any.

Makeup forever mattifying primer


Note: I’ve seen some newer (and much less expensive) options at the drugstore recently but haven’t tried any yet. 

Oil controlling foundations

Oh boy, I could go on and on here because I have tried out dozens of foundations that claim to control oil. These are the two I will continue to recommend to my fellow oily skin gals.

Estee Lauder Double Wear – this is a thicker consistency, so I recommend using a beauty sponge for this one. However, it blends great, it’s matte, and is full coverage. I wear the color 1W1.

Tip: Purchase a Mac foundation pump for this – it works great and is a lot cleaner.

estee lauder double wear

Maybelline Fit Me Matte & Poreless – This stuff is amazing and it’s super affordable! I like it applied with either a brush or sponge and it blends beautifully. It’s not AS matte as Estee Lauder Double Wear, but it controls oil well for me. I wear the color #220 right now and am about a Mac NC 20-25 with a “tan”.

Maybelline Matte and Poreless

Crease-proof concealer

I like several different concealers, but Mac’s Pro Longwear Concealer has been the best in my opinion. You don’t need much, it’s full coverage, and it sets quickly with no creasing or melting off throughout the day. The point is, don’t use a concealer that’s too creamy – especially for spot concealing.

Mac pro longwear concealer

Oil controlling powder

Specifically, a loose powder. These babies will soak up that oil right away and will continue throughout the day. Gross? Maybe. But necessary.

I have found that the Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder works the best for me, although it’s pricey. You could experiment with some drugstore versions like the Nyx HD loose powder, etc., but I find this controls it best, especially when you “bake” your oily areas.

Laura mercier translucent loose setting powder

Also, I would avoid cream products as much as possible if you’re oily (cream blushes and bronzers) unless you intend to set them with a powder version. Creams and oil just don’t play nicely, especially in the summer months.

Skincare Regimen for Oily Skin


I cleanse my skin with two main facial cleansers: Pixi Glow Mud Cleanser and Mario Badescu Glycolic Foaming Cleanser. Although I am not opposed to trying others.

Whether I wear makeup that day or not, I cleanse my face morning and night. This is super important since you sweat and smash your face in a pillow each night. Get that face clean, girl.

At night, I will remove my makeup using an oil-based makeup remover, then I will wash my face in the shower with the Pixi Glow Mud Cleanser, which does a good job getting all the gunk off in a very gentle way. It doesn’t foam so it’s very mild.

pixi glow mud cleanser

The Mario Badescu Glycolic Foaming Cleanser is serious stuff. This stuff burns your eyes, so do NOT use it to remove eye makeup. Use this ever other day, max. I use this on a Clarisonic once or twice a week for deep cleaning and it does an awesome job. If you have sensitive skin, you might want to see if you can find something a little more gentle. But I like my products to beat my face up and get them squeaky clean.

Mario Badescu glycolic cleanser


This is a super important step that I do morning and night. I put some of the Mario Badescu Cucumber Cleansing Lotion (for combo and oily skin) onto a cotton pad and apply to my face after cleansing. It will remove any excess dirt and even out your skin’s pH. Also, this is not a lotion – it’s liquid toner. Not sure why they call it a lotion…?

Mario Badescu Cucumber cleansing lotion


You may be thinking that since you’re oily, moisturizing is counter productive. Wrong. Your skin is still thirsty, but you just need to use a different form of moisturizer. Specifically an oil-free gel form, such as the Body Shop Seaweed Mattifying Day Cream.

The body shop Seaweed oil control day cream

At night, I use a richer, thicker moisturizer. My favorite is Origins Night-a-mins, but I am using the Simple brand’s rich moisturizer right now because it’s inexpensive and gets the job done.

Also, don’t skip out on the serums or oil treatments just because you’re oily. It won’t make you more oily unless you use it during the day. I’ve been enjoying the Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair oil recently. I use it underneath my eye cream and moisturizer every night.

Estee lauder advanced night repair


At least once a week I like to use a mask on my face. Mostly I go for deep pore cleansing masks like mud masks. I also enjoy a good brightening or peel-off mask if I’m feelin crazy.

The Pixi Glow Mud Mask is a great drugstore option (although pricier than other drugstore masks). It’s so good!

Pixi glow mud mask

Best Practices

  • Don’t go to sleep without removing your makeup and washing your face.
  • Keep blotting sheets on hand, especially for hot days.
  • Don’t forget to moisturize day and night.
  • Set all cream makeup products with powder.
  • Avoid “luminous” finishes in Makeup unless they are powder blushes and highlights.
  • Stay hydrated and eat well.

oil absorbing sheets

It has taken me a long time to get to a point where I almost never break out anymore. I have some super pretty scars and dark spots on my face unfortunately, but they’ll fade over time. Keeping my skin balanced while also not breaking the bank is the goal here.

If you have oily skin, what products are your go-tos?







curling short hair

Curling Short Hair | Quick & Easy

curling short hair

Having shorter hair is both a blessing and a curse. It’s light weight and lovely, but you pretty much always have to style it because putting it into a bun (without 5947549 bobby pins) doesn’t work.

However, styling it doesn’t have to be a hassle or a time sucker. For me, curling my hair is quicker than flat ironing and I think it looks better on my face shape – and more put together!

Here’s an easy to follow “tutorial” to curl your short hair in 15 minutes or less. It takes me about 10 minutes and I have a ton of hair, although it’s very fine. There is some natural wave to it, but it’s mainly pretty straight.

I wash my hair at night, sleep on it wet, and tackle the beast in the morning. This removes the dreaded blowdrying nightmare as well as reduces the amount of heat that I put on my hair since it’s color treated. It also adds a lot of volume at the top versus just blowdrying.

I typically only use two products to curl my hair (unless I need stronger hold for a long day, etc.)

A 1-inch Conair Infiniti Pro curling iron with a clamp. I love this one. I’ve had more expensive brands but this is the best. I love it so much that I bought a bigger barrel version and the flat iron in the same line.

You could use a wand but that takes longer.

I also use a heat protectant/hair spray combo – yes, they exist – called Hot Off the Press by Paul Mitchell. I spray this on each section of my hair, generously. You can really use any heat protectant you like, though. Just use something.

I set mine to the second heat setting (330 degrees).

curling iron temperature

Tip: when you clamp your hair, start toward the root and pulse it down toward the ends. This allows the heat to reach all of the hair and avoids having the curl just at the ends.

Step 1: Bottom Layer

I section my hair into 3 parts, but you may only need 2 – or maybe 4. Brush or comb out the section, spray your protectant and curl.

The bottom section is the shortest length, so I alternate the directions I curl – toward the face and away from the face. Don’t worry if you can’t get to each piece of hair. It blends.

comb your hair

heat protectant

bottom layer

See, alternating sections.

finger comb

When I’m done with the bottom layer, I finger comb through the curls so they aren’t ringlets.

Moving onto the next section…

Step 2: Middle Layer

Repeat the same steps, but being a bit more careful to get most of the pieces of hair – especially if you have naturally straight hair like me. I take pretty large sections, and I alternate the directions of curls here, too.

Why do I alternate the directions? Because then the curls won’t get stuck together into one giant curl. This adds more movement and texture.

I leave about 1/2 inch to an inch of hair out at the bottom, too. This helps it look more effortless and beachy.

Tip: start from the back of your head and work forward on each side of your head. It makes it easier to see what you’re doing when the curls aren’t in your way. 

second layer

middle layer

Leaving a little bit of hair out at the ends.

ringlet curls

When you’re done with that section you’ll be left with some pretty hot ringlet curls. OH YEAH! Just kidding, comb them out with your fingers – if you want.

finger combing

Step 3: Top Layer

Almost done! Repeat the same steps on this section. However, I do NOT alternate the directions of the curls on the top layer. That’s about the only difference.

When you get to your bangs/front sections, start your curling iron down lower on that piece and pulse down. You don’t want to start too high there or you will look like Shirley Temple.

Top layer

top layer curls

curled short hair

curling short hair

See? Quick and easy. If you are new to curling your hair, just practice to see which way to turn the barrel so you won’t get kinks. With practice, it’ll be super quick and easy.

Again, I can do this in 10 minutes. Perfect for when the baby comes so I won’t look like a hot mess ALL the time.

Thanks for reading!

ABH Modern Renaissance Palette Tutorial & Review

Modern Renaissance palette

I recently purchased the drool-worthy Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance palette – now, if that isn’t a mouthful…

And the answer is yes, it is worth the hype and the price tag. This is palette is a DREAM. The colors appear to all be warm, berry tones, but there are a couple of cooler tones and the majority lean neutral. So, this baby will work for neutral lovers who are itching to get our of their comfort zone. Also, most of the colors are matte shades which I appreciate because I can get a little carried away with shimmers.

ABH Modern Renaissance palette

Blend-ability is fantastic (seriously, SO easy), pigmentation is unreal, and the only “con” I can think of is that the shades are so pigmented that they are a bit powdery and can have some fallout. I don’t mind at all, though. I also really enjoy the brush that comes with it!

The price of this palette is $42.00 and you get 14 shades. The price is much less than the Urban Decay Naked palettes and the quality is just as great, if not better.

Here’s a tutorial I filmed on a neutral, matte look with a cut crease. I intended for the look to be super simple and quick, but alas, a cut crease look was born. 😉

Hope you enjoy & thanks for reading/watching! xo

Must have makeup products

Keeping only ONE makeup product per category

It’s no secret that my makeup collection is excessive. I’ve spent a lot of dollars on makeup products (much to my husband’s dismay), but I’m obsessed and can’t think of a good excuse right now.

I’ve been thinking about what I would pack into one small makeup bag if I was forced to get rid of everything else. Meaning, what are my must-haves out of my entire collection?

I don’t know how some women wear the same products each day, but I am jealous of their savvyness and self control.

After much consideration, here are my picks.

Must have makeup products


I’d have to say Smashbox Primer Water for this one. I like that it gives hydration and thins out thicker foundations, but also seems to prolong the wear of my foundation. I also don’t seem to have much luck with silicon/slippery primers on my oily skin.


UGH, TOUGH ONE. I am a foundation junkie. Especially being so fair-skinned. My obsession with finding the perfect foundation for fair, oily skin in real.

This answer really depends on the season, to be honest. So I am going to cheat.

For the colder months: Estee Lauder Double Wear. Ah, what a beauty. Full coverage and a matte finish.

estee lauder double wear

For the warmer months: Maybelline Fit Me Matte & Poreless.

Maybelline Matte and Poreless

I could really just wear this one all year-round, but I just really love my Double Wear. And MAC Studio Fix. Sigh, moving on…


I have fallen in love with Younique’s Touch Mineral concealer. Full coverage, super creamy, blendable, etc. For more info on this product, see this blog post all about Younique products (I even have a demo video there).


I am not married to any specific powder, honestly. Whatever will set my cake face works for me. So, for now, let’s go with Laura Mercier’s translucent loose setting powder.

Bronzer/Contour Powder

MAC Sculpt shaping powder offers a nice shadow for contour and is warm enough to add a bronzed look (for my skin tone, anyway). I also thoroughly enjoy Physician’s Formula Butter Bronzer in Light – not orange at all and works well on fair skin.


I will probably change my mind in 5 seconds, but Benefit Rockateur. This is a beauty. It has sheen but no sparkles and has a beautiful mauve color without being too pigmented.


Laura Mercier’s Matte Radiance Baked Powder in 01. If you want to glow from within, this is good. If you’re more of a disco ball glow kind of gal, MAC Soft & Gentle is a fave of mine, especially when you wet your brush first. Whew!

Eyeshadow Primer

Nars smudge proof eyeshadow primer is the best of the best. I have very oily eyelids and this holds up great. Only use a little bit on each lid, though!


Based on my recent obsession and newest member of my crowded eyeshadow palette family, I have to say the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance palette. I know, I am predictable.

The warm tones are gorgeous, there are so many fabulous matte shades, you can create a subtle or dramatic eye, and the shadows blend beautifully. The hype is real – I highly recommend this. Love.

Anastasia Modern Renaissance


NYX matte black liquid liner. The brush makes it super easy to get a sharp wing when you want, but also a thin enough line if you prefer no wing.


My eyelashes suck, but I’ve had good experience with Benefit’s Roller Lash. No clumps and it provides good lift/curl.


I haven’t tried anything that I absolutely love, but I am enjoying my using my NYX brow “gel” (it’s a pomade, really) in Blonde. You don’t even need to set your brows when you use this, but I still do because I’m crazy.

Lip Product

Right now, Jouer liquid lipstick in Dulce de Leche. It’s comfortable, wears a long time, and doesn’t flake off. It’s also a super subtle and wearable color for every day.

Jouer dulce de leche


What are your must-haves? I need to know.



Younique Foundation Bundle Review

Younique review

Sorry for the recent hiatus! I am currently 35.5 weeks pregnant with our first baby and I’ve been in nesting/cleaning mode as well as still working full time. Busy busy baby planning. I’ll share nursery photos soon. 😉

In other news, I just received my first Younique order. I’ve tried their fiber lash mascara kit before and it was OK, but there was an awesome special for an online party I was invited to, so I decided to check out some face products.

If you haven’t heard of Younique before, it’s basically like an online/social media brand like Lu La Roe, Stella & Dot, etc. It’s a “pyramid” type of sales structure, so you can only purchase through a party.

I worked with a really awesome sales consultant… well, as awesome as an online makeup party can allow her to be. She was very knowledgeable and helpful!

So, let’s get into the review.


This particular set was a special for “only” $99.

If you were to purchase these items separately:

  • Primer: $39
  • Foundation: $39
  • Concealer: $29
  • Foundation brush: $32

Total: $139

So, you’re getting a good deal if you look at it based on the pricing breakdown – basically, one product is “free”.

These are pretty standard prices for higher end makeup brands like you’d see at Sephora.


I got a notification three days after ordering that the products shipped, however it took a good two weeks to actually receive the product from USPS. Not sure why it took so long, but probably not Younique’s fault. Everything was shipped from Utah.


The products arrived packed really well in in a black Younique box with bubble wrap and tissue paper, as well as a packing sheet.

The products themselves have really good packaging, in my opinion.

  • Primer: Plastic squeeze tube with a nice lid, which I like. You don’t have to contaminate the product by sticking your fingers in it or waste product by having a pump.
  • Foundation: Frosted glass bottle with dropper. I like this, too. It’s sanitary and feels high-end.
  • Concealer: Not much to say here… it’s a squeeze tube of concealer.
  • Brush: Plastic handle, lightweight, and not sure of the quality on this quite yet. I would not pay full price for it, honestly. I’ll get into that in my product review below.


I want to first preface this by saying I have OILY-COMBINATION skin. So, my review is going to reflect that.

I’ve tried the whole kit two days in a row now. Once being staying indoors, barely going outside into the humidity. The second time I wore the products for about 15 hours (yikes), drove to and from work in the heat and rain.

Younique Face Primer

Glorious Face & Eye Primer

This stuff is not an oily person’s friend. The first time I tried this, I used it alone with the foundation (i.e., no mattifying primer with it) and I was a grease ball right away. The second time I used it, I paired with Makeup Forever’s mattifying primer in my T-zone and that seemed to help.

The consistency is slippery and feels a bit greasy on your face. You have to use this extremely sparingly. If you have dry or mature skin, you’d probably like this stuff.

This primer also claims to be an eye primer. LOL at that. No way. It is backordered, though, and I know a lot of people love it.

Overall, I could do without this. This is a dud for me.

Younique liquid foundation

Touch Mineral Liquid Foundation

This product claims to be full coverage. They offer 13 shades with a good shade chart on their website. I ordered the shade Velour.

You get a whopping 0.68 fl oz. (can you sense my sarcasm?). Most foundations come with 1 fl oz., but I digress.

I’ve watched several video reviews on this foundation and people seem to get good coverage with only 4-5 drops on the entire face. For me, nope. I need way more than that to achieve a medium-full coverage.

The consistency of this stuff is a mix between a runny/liquid formula and a cream formula. I actually really like it. The scent is pleasant – sort of floral.


Application is easy and it melts right into the skin once it begins to set. It’s supposed to set to a powdery matte finish, but not on me (maybe due to the primer?) – I need to set it with a powder for sure. Which is normal for me, really.

I’ve also tried this with a beauty sponge and it went on really well. The brush can look a bit streaky if you use too much product, and the damp sponge was not streaky at all. It’s all up to you and what you prefer, really.

When I first applied it, I actually did not like it. The color seemed a bit off and it looked like it was just sitting on my face. I expected a powder finish and for the foundation to be undetectable. However, after I set it with a powder and finished my makeup, it seemed to get better as time went on. By the very end of the day, I expected it to be sliding all over my face, but it didn’t! It stayed put and my powder products (blush, bronzer, highlight) all looked good still! I only had some missing product on my chin, which is normal for me since I rest my chin on my hand all the time.

I’m going to continue using this as the days go on, but I think it’s a nice light-medium, buildable coverage foundation that would be suitable for many different skin types.

This is a win for me!

Younique Concealer

Touch Mineral Skin Perfecting Concealer

This is going to last you forever. Seriously. You need the TINIEST amount of product to cover your blemishes and brighten your under eyes. This stuff is no joke.

I use a damp beauty sponge (Real Techniques sponge) and it works great. I ordered the lightest shade, Scarlett (hello, pasty white chick). It brightens for sure and it melts right into your skin. It’s unlike any concealer I own – which is a lot.

The coverage is like MAC Prolong Wear, but is much less dry. In fact, you need to set this concealer for sure because it’s so creamy.

I used it on some blemishes as well – set those areas, too.

This is also a win for me.

Younique Liquid Foundation Brush

Liquid Foundation Brush

This thing is a shedding machine. Yes, the bristles are super soft and nice, but wow does it shed! I also have better quality handles on other brushes, such as my Sigma and Real Techniques brushes.

The center of the brush has a hollow divet thing. Not sure why, really, because you put the foundation on the raised edges. I’ve had no issues blending the foundation and I do like the smaller size of it.

If it wasn’t included in the kit, I wouldn’t pay $32 for this. I just think there are so many better options for foundation brushes on the market for half the price.


Return Policy

Younique offers a “Love It Guarantee”. You can return for a full refund within 14 days, 80% cash refund within 15-30 days, and store credit within 31-90 days.

Pretty good policy, so you can feel confident trying this out for a week or so before making up your mind.

Since I only really like the foundation and concealer, I could return the other two items and get money back… but I am lazy so I probably won’t.

Here’s a photo of me wearing all products. As you can see, my freckles and some scarring peek through, but the products on top lay on top well. 🙂 I’ve had it on for a few hours here and I am still matte! 

Younique Foundation Coverage


Here’s a video review and demo of the foundation kit:

If you’ve tried Younique, let me know what you think of their products!


Boxy Charm Review | May 2016

Boxy charm

This month’s Boxy Charm box was 54975407 times better than last month. Now I am not regretting the $21/month price so much.

However, I am still confused on WHY this box arrives so late? I just got it yesterday, the 17th. Also, the website is super slow to be updated. It was just recently updated with May’s box. Prior to that, it was halfway through May and it still said April’s box… slow, but worth the wait. This time.

So, what was in this month’s box? In order of best to worst…

May 2016 boxy charm

1. Makeup Geek Blush | $15.00

I received the color Soulmate, which is a beautiful mid-toned mauve color (not super springy, but still pretty!). It’s one of the brand new not-yet-released colors, so I think that is awesome. The formula is wonderful, as is the case with most MUG products, lezbehonest.

And we can’t forget about the packaging of these new blushes – SO pretty and sleek. It has a magnetic closure and a mirror. Love.

And yeah, the blush is #1 for me. Would you have guessed any differently?

2. PUR Double Ego – Duo Ended Eyeliner | $21.00

I received the color Madagascar, which is an olive color. The eyeliner is double ended (duh), with one side being a regular retractable pencil eyeliner and the other end being a felt tip liquid liner. The felt tip is wonderful and super pigmented, although it sort of looks black. We’ll see.

I think this would be super fun to wear using the liquid liner on your upper lid and the pencil liner in your lower waterline for a pop of color.

3. Ella & Mila Nail Polish | $10.50

I received the color Pistache, which is a pretty mint color. This brand is completely vegan and cruelty free, which is always a plus. I am getting ready to try it out now, so I’m hoping for some good staying power. Light colors are always iffy on my peely/awful nails.

Update: Two coats was good for this pretty color. It went on smoothly but did chip by the end of the day. Although I was cleaning and fighting with y Beagle, so that could be it. So pretty for spring/summer!

4. The Brow Gal Clear Brow Gel | $20.00

This seems like a pretty expensive brow gel for being a brand I’ve never heard of, but I am excited to try it out! The packaging says it’s water resistant, so I think it should hold up nicely on my oil slick face. Just being honest here.

Update: This shit is NO JOKE. It is like brow super glue and doesn’t look clumpy whatsoever (looking at you, ABH clear brow gel…). Totally worth the $20.

5. Starlooks Luxe Lipliner | $19.50

I received the color Charmed, which judging from the packaging, I thought would be a beautiful nude color… however, it’s kind of like a coral. Not my cup of tea. The formula did seem a little dry to me, but I personally prefer that over too creamy when it comes to lipliners. So, if you like coral lipliners, you’d like this… I am not a coral lip person. Makes my teeth look yellow. Eek.

6. Catherine Melandrino Romance de Provence Deluxe Mini Sprayer 10ml | $20.00

Dang, $20 for 10ml???? This is a good sized sample for sure, but I wouldn’t say it’s $20 worth.

The scent, however, isn’t for me. I like fresh, floral scents and this is very sweet. I know sweet scents are super popular, though, so I think a lot of people will get quite a few uses from this large sample!

But the packaging. It’s super cheap. Not that it really matters, though.

May Boxy Charm

SIX PRODUCTS! I think that’s awesome. The total “value” of the box this month is $106.00!

I’ll chalk this up as a win, thank ya very much.

Did you sign up for Boxy Charm? What do you think of this month’s box?



Mac cosmetics

Favorite MAC products

With a gazillion different cosmetics brands on the market these days, it’s hard to keep up. Honestly. It makes my bank account cry.

However, MAC Cosmetics has been here for a hot minute and I don’t see them going away… ever. I can always rely on them to have amazing products and to come out with really unique limited edition lines as well.

After trying a whole lot of their stuff, here are my tried and true shining stars.

Mac Cosmetic

In no particular order…

1. Studio Fix Fluid Foundation

Mac Studio Fix

I have tried a few MAC foundations, and this is the best. Especially if you have oily skin like myself. This product is famous – it’s full coverage, comes in a TON of shades, holds up amazingly, and has SPF 15. No surprise here, but I have one of the lightest shades (maybe the lightest altogether) in NC15. So, pretty much white.

Anyway, this does not come with a pump, but MAC sells them for $10. You should buy one also. It makes everything to much easier.

I love this stuff. I use it when I need a long-lasting, full-coverage base. It also have NEVER broken me out. I know some people think that it may do that to them.

2. Mineralize Skin Finish (MSF) in Soft & Gentle

mac soft and gentle

MAC’s Sot & Gentle was one of the first MAC products that I ever purchased (hence the older packaging), but it has lasted a loooong time. You don’t need much product (unless you want to glow like a disco ball, which I am totally on-board with) and there is a ton that comes with it. This is a stunning champagne highlight, and I know it will work on pretty much every skin tone.

If you wet it using some Fix +, it’s even more intense and amazing. I will definitely buy it again if and when I ever run out.

3. Sculpting powders & Shaping powders

Mac sculpting powders

These two are in Sculpt and Emphasize – both of which are Pro sculpting powders (can be ordered online). They come in a pan only – I just put the Emphasize powder in a bush compact that I previously depotted so it’s travel friendly.

Sculpt is an awesome cool-toned contour shade from light-medium skin tones, and Emphasize is a white, satin finish setting powder for your under eyes – or anywhere else you’d like to highlight/brighten.

I love both of these and I am so sad I have reached pan on the Emphasize powder. Thankfully, they aren’t super expensive and they do last a long time as well.

4. Blushes (obviously)

Mac Blushes

Ok, I have to admit… I have quite a few more than what is pictured here. I either failed at depotting them (order them in pan versions – they’re cheaper anyway), or they aren’t favorites.

I have my sculpting powders in here also for easy access when I am doing work on my cheeks. Margin is my all-time favorite MAC blush, along with Peaches and Melba (both not in this palette).

The three blushes without labels are by Tarte and they are amazing also.

5. Eyeshadows


I forgot to take a photo of the pans, but I always buy MAC eyeshadows without the pot. They are now only $6 each!!!! Why would you even need to buy Makeup Geek now? Same price and MAC has free shipping. Hi.

The ones I swatched here are: Nylon, All That Glitters, Woodwinked, Haux, Satin Taupe, and Deep Damson.

6. Prep & Prime Fix+

fix plus

There isn’t much to say about this magical elixir created from unicorn tears. It is an amazing multi-purpose spray. I use it to set my makeup (remove powder look), make eyeshadows more intense, etc.

So, so good. This is probably my third bottle and I will get another when it runs out. Obviously.

7. Eyeliner in Costa Riche

Costa Riche

This is a BEAUTIFUL reddish brown eye kohl that I love putting on my upper lash line or waterline. It’s so pretty and I think it would make any eye color pop.

Plus, it’s not as as harsh as black if you’re going for a more subtle daytime look. Check her out. She’s a keeper.

8. Lipstick

mac lipstick creme cup

mac lipstick

Favorite formula: creamsheen. Favorite shade: Creme cup. There are so many beauties, but this is a gorgeous pink-nude for everyday purposes. And the creamsheen formula is the most comfortable, while still being super pigmented.

Also, they smell like vanilla amazingness.

I plan on filming a one-brand (MAC) full-face tutorial this week sometime, so I’ll post that when it happens. 😉

And that’s a wrap, folks. There are many more amazing products at MAC, of course.  What are your must-haves?