Pros & Cons of Each Pregnancy Trimester (let’s get real)


So, as I sit here 38.5 weeks pregnant and going literally CRAZY, I have been reminiscing about the past almost 10 months. In retrospect, this pregnancy has gone quickly. Based on my personal experience (and some experiences shared with me by friends & family), let’s get real about the pros and cons of each of the lonnngggg trimesters.

Maybe when I’m done writing this I will be in labor. One can hope. HELP ME.

Pros and Cons of pregnancy trimesters

First Trimester

This was the worst trimester for me personally. You’ll see why in a moment.


  • You’re pregnant! Congratulations! So exciting. You will get to see your little bean on the ultrasound screen for the first time and get to hear the little heartbeat – a sound that can’t be beat. Except maybe by baby giggles, but your little bean isn’t giggling quite yet.
  • Your clothes still fit (until the end of the trimester), although you are probably itching to start showing like, yesterday. HELLO, YOU’RE PREGNANT! Why aren’t people commenting on your non-existent/tiny bump yet?
  • By week 12, it’s safe to share your news with friends and family and that is so much fun. Definitely more exciting than getting engaged or married. You are growing a human. You are awesome.


  • If you were like me, you are throwing up with either morning sickness or all day sickness. I had all day sickness. Good times. Don’t worry, it goes away around week 16 (this is where you are wanting to slap me because that seems like an eternity away).
  • Your sense of smell is crazy. You can smell every nasty thing ever so you spend a lot of time mouth breathing or with your head in the toilet.
  • Your skin might be really mad at you and freak out with a bunch of acne. This was fun. Hopefully you’ll skip this one.
  • You are going to be so bloated and I’m sorry. You might think this is your bump, but likely isn’t.
  • Once again, the nausea. It hurts. You may be rethinking your pregnancy (hey, it happens) because you are so miserable. But it will get better. Hang in there, mama.
  • You’re so exhausted and can’t get enough sleep. Go to work? No. Shower? Why? Clean? Oh, hell no.
  • Food aversions. Mine was cheese. In the long run, this was good for avoiding weight gain, but pizza made me want to crawl into a hole anytime someone talked about it.

Summer maternity photos

Second Trimester

This trimester was a breeze for me. Bask in the glory of the second trimester! It’s great. Usually.


  • No more throwing up. Hopefully. The nausea will go away and your appetite will come back slowly but surely. Try to remember that your baby is NOT big right now, so you aren’t exactly eating for two. 😉
  • You’ll start to feel baby move! It will only get stronger as time goes on and the baby grows. It’s pretty much the best part of pregnancy, in my opinion.
  • You’ll find out the gender – if you want to – during the anatomy exam at 20 weeks. This was so fun. The baby looks like an actual baby now and things are getting REAL.
  • Your sickness is gone and your energy is back. You are glowing. Things are great.
  • Baby showers! Your loved ones will shower your little nugget with the cutest, tiniest gifts and it’s more exciting than getting new bakeware at your bridal shower. Trust me.
  • Your belly is growing. You finally look pregnant instead of super bloated. Your confidence will likely increase since you aren’t just feeling fat – you’re feeling pregnant.


  • You have to buy new clothes. Maternity clothes are overpriced and not the cutest. I got some really cute dresses from a website called Pink Blush Maternity and they have awesome sales. Check them out.
  • There’s a lot to do to get ready for a baby. You may have feelings of being overwhelmed, but don’t worry – you’ll get there.
  • You still have a lot longer to go. This may not be a con for you, but I am the most impatient human ever and I was just itching to meet her. Wait…I still am.
  • Back pain. I have struggled with AWFUL back pain the entire 2nd and 3rd trimester. I was going to the chiropractor three times a week until I got too big to get adjusted. Now I just create a pillow cocoon on my couch every day hoping that it will go away.
  • Sleeping gets reeeeealllyyyy uncomfortable. Your hips hurt, you can’t sleep on your stomach on your back, and it starts to become tough to flip over.
  • You have weird things happen to you… like growing more hair. I felt like chewacca. Hey, just keeping it real.
    • If you think pregnancy is a glamorous thing, good joke. You’ll see. 😉
  • Pregnancy brain!


Third Trimester

I’m at the tail end of my third trimester now and I am SOOOOO ready to be done.


  • You are 2/3 of the way done with your pregnancy and that is a beautiful thing.
  • Your bump is the real deal now. I bet you look so cute – although you may feel like a hippo. No way, pregnant women are beautiful.
  • If you didn’t already have your showers, you’ll have them now and you’ll be able to finish the nursery before baby comes. Woo hoo!
  • If you choose to have maternity photos, you’ll do those now. We had them done and they came out beautifully. I am so happy we did. After all, pregnancy is temporary and it’s truly amazing.
  • Again… the finish line is in sight.


  • I suppose this applies to every trimester, but lots of people have strong opinions on pregnancy and labor. For example…
    • “Oh you’ll be late. Everyone is late with their first baby.”
    • “Are you having an epidural? LOLz, YEAH OKAY. You’ll want an epidural.”
    • “When I was pregnant, this happened…”
    • “Oh please, you have NO idea what pain is. You just wait…”
    • “You should do this…”
    • “Enjoy your sleep now because HA HA HA your world is about to change”

You may want to spit out “OK YOU HAD ONE BABY YOU ARE NOT THE END ALL BE ALL OF LABOR AND DELIVERY” or “EVERY PREGNANCY IS DIFFERENT, YOU KNOW-IT-ALL MEANIE” …and I may have said some of those things (perhaps a bit nicer). But take it with a grain of salt. They are likely just wanting to offer some sort of weird advice (if you can call it that), and you cn ignore it and listen to the doctor instead. 😉

  • You’re uncomfortable. Your belly is getting ginormous. Your back hurts. You are waddling – once baby drops. Your lungs are crowded and you can’t breathe.  Basically, you are over it.
  • Clothes are getting snug. Even maternity clothes. A lot of my maternity shirts no longer fit my belly, which is stupid. So, I am left with about four shirts until I deliver. Let’s hope that’s like, today. Can you tell I’m ready yet?
  • Swelling. Especially if it’s the summertime. Whew…
  • You go to the doctor a lot. Not really a con, but something to mention. If you are working full time still, your boss may be annoyed but it’s whatever.
  • The uncertainty of when baby will come.
    • I have all the pre-labor symptoms. I will spare you the gory details – you can Google it. But I’ve dropped, I’m nesting, I have a ton of contractions that are likely Braxton Hicks. They hurt and they are confusing.

Maternity photos

And there you have it. These are based on my personal experience of course. My first trimester was pure hell on earth and every day felt like an eternity, but like everyone told me – it got better.

Now, I was also told that the last month will feel like forever and they’re kind of right. I didn’t start feeling that way until this week (week 38).

If you are prego, congratulations! Seriously, being pregnant has been such an amazing experience. It really is crazy to love someone you’ve never met so much. Your body is doing remarkable things and you should be so proud.
If you’ve gained weight and are stressing about your post-baby body, relax. You are doing the most important thing EVER and you should focus on that. Worry about your bod later. You are beautiful and you are amazing.

I am feeling emotional. I forgot to mention that.
If you’re a mama, did you experience these pros and cons? Any others I forgot?



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