Boxy Charm Review | May 2016

Boxy charm

This month’s Boxy Charm box was 54975407 times better than last month. Now I am not regretting the $21/month price so much.

However, I am still confused on WHY this box arrives so late? I just got it yesterday, the 17th. Also, the website is super slow to be updated. It was just recently updated with May’s box. Prior to that, it was halfway through May and it still said April’s box… slow, but worth the wait. This time.

So, what was in this month’s box? In order of best to worst…

May 2016 boxy charm

1. Makeup Geek Blush | $15.00

I received the color Soulmate, which is a beautiful mid-toned mauve color (not super springy, but still pretty!). It’s one of the brand new not-yet-released colors, so I think that is awesome. The formula is wonderful, as is the case with most MUG products, lezbehonest.

And we can’t forget about the packaging of these new blushes – SO pretty and sleek. It has a magnetic closure and a mirror. Love.

And yeah, the blush is #1 for me. Would you have guessed any differently?

2. PUR Double Ego – Duo Ended Eyeliner | $21.00

I received the color Madagascar, which is an olive color. The eyeliner is double ended (duh), with one side being a regular retractable pencil eyeliner and the other end being a felt tip liquid liner. The felt tip is wonderful and super pigmented, although it sort of looks black. We’ll see.

I think this would be super fun to wear using the liquid liner on your upper lid and the pencil liner in your lower waterline for a pop of color.

3. Ella & Mila Nail Polish | $10.50

I received the color Pistache, which is a pretty mint color. This brand is completely vegan and cruelty free, which is always a plus. I am getting ready to try it out now, so I’m hoping for some good staying power. Light colors are always iffy on my peely/awful nails.

Update: Two coats was good for this pretty color. It went on smoothly but did chip by the end of the day. Although I was cleaning and fighting with y Beagle, so that could be it. So pretty for spring/summer!

4. The Brow Gal Clear Brow Gel | $20.00

This seems like a pretty expensive brow gel for being a brand I’ve never heard of, but I am excited to try it out! The packaging says it’s water resistant, so I think it should hold up nicely on my oil slick face. Just being honest here.

Update: This shit is NO JOKE. It is like brow super glue and doesn’t look clumpy whatsoever (looking at you, ABH clear brow gel…). Totally worth the $20.

5. Starlooks Luxe Lipliner | $19.50

I received the color Charmed, which judging from the packaging, I thought would be a beautiful nude color… however, it’s kind of like a coral. Not my cup of tea. The formula did seem a little dry to me, but I personally prefer that over too creamy when it comes to lipliners. So, if you like coral lipliners, you’d like this… I am not a coral lip person. Makes my teeth look yellow. Eek.

6. Catherine Melandrino Romance de Provence Deluxe Mini Sprayer 10ml | $20.00

Dang, $20 for 10ml???? This is a good sized sample for sure, but I wouldn’t say it’s $20 worth.

The scent, however, isn’t for me. I like fresh, floral scents and this is very sweet. I know sweet scents are super popular, though, so I think a lot of people will get quite a few uses from this large sample!

But the packaging. It’s super cheap. Not that it really matters, though.

May Boxy Charm

SIX PRODUCTS! I think that’s awesome. The total “value” of the box this month is $106.00!

I’ll chalk this up as a win, thank ya very much.

Did you sign up for Boxy Charm? What do you think of this month’s box?




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