Bobbi Brown art stick

My first Bobbi Brown order + review

I have lusted over Bobbi Brown makeup products for a long, long time. However, I always figured¬†that I could find products that were just as good for less money. Freakin’ prestige products always drawing me in. DAMN YOU, MARKETING!

Anyway, I finally bit the bullet and decided to try some things out. I have always wanted to try out their blushes (because, duh), so I knew that was one thing I’d be getting. And, after watching a YouTube video by Tati (look her up, she is fab), I also was drooling over the Art Sticks (chubby lip pencils).

Bobbi Brown

Here are the products I got:

  • Blush duo – Sand Pink/Pale Pink ($42.00)
  • Art Stick duo – Dusty Pink & Electric Pink ($47.00)
    • This also comes with a sharpener

Note: These products are limited edition. They come in sets, whereas you’d typically have to buy them separately. I am a sucker for sets. Sigh.

Let’s start with the blush.

Bobbi Brown blush duo

Bobbi Brown Blush Duo

Sorry, my hand is all red from my damn beagle chewing on it. Eye roll.

I haven’t tried them on my face, but the idea is to apply the darker color to the back of your cheeks up toward your hairline, and add the lighter color to the apples. The formula is good, but we’ll see how it holds up on my oily skin.

$42 for two blushes isn’t terrible, I guess, but I would have preferred to choose which two went in the compact without having to pay two full prices.

Now, onto the Art Sticks…

Bobbi Brown art stick

Like I said, they come with a sharpener because they are actual pencils – which is something I haven’t seen before.

I love the formula! They are SO creamy and opaque! However, this set’s colors are a¬†lot alike. I’m not mad. I like both colors a lot.

Bobbi Brown Art stick duo

Bobbi Brown art stick duo

Ok, can someone please teach me how to use my camera? I can’t focus on ANYTHING! Why is the carpet the focus here? Come on.

Bobbi Brown Art Sticks

Dusty Pink (left) and Electric Pink (right)


Overall, I am not blown away but am still excited to play with a new brand. I mean, $90 for three things? Yikes.

Do you own anything from Bobbi Brown? What should I try next?


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