Boxy Charm

April 2016 Boxy Charm review

I gave into makeup peer pressure (shocker) and signed up for the monthly subscription service, Boxy Charm.

What is Boxy Charm?

Boxy Charm is a monthly beauty subscription box. It is $21/box and apparently the value of the box is usually greater than $100. If that’s really true, that’s awesome. I have watched several unboxing videos on the Tube (YouTube, that is), and UGH, I gave in. The products are also normally full-sized which is YES.

For April, there were five items in the box, totaling $106.90 in value, allegedly.

Here’s what it looks like:

Boxy Charm

I have nothing to say about the way the box comes other than I despise the little black paper strings in there because they leave a weird black dust on everything and it’s gross. 🙂

Item #1

Ofra Cosmetics Long Last Liquid Lipstick in ‘Pasadena’

Full size, $19.80

The card in the box said this was full size, but it’s not. Obviously – baby size. Stop lying, Boxy Charm. I see you! But other than that, I really like the color and formula, although I prefer regular lipstick over liquid lipstick. Just personal preference (and I have some dry ass lips).

Ofra Cosmetics Pasadena

Ofra Cosmetics Pasadena

Item #2

Anderson Lilley Manhattan Beach Hand Cream

Full size, $24.00

I am pretty much obsessed with this. IT SMELLS SO GOOD! And the consistency is fab. Happy with this item for sure!

Anderson Lilley

Item #3

Blinc Cosmetics Black Lash Primer

Full size, $26.00

I have not tried this yet, but I am excited to! I have wanted to try out this brand but haven’t had a chance to. And my lashes are very sad little guys, so hopefully this will help them out. It also came in a cool metal tube (like a cigar) which was adorable.

Blinc cosmetics

Item #4

Your Minerals Sweden eye pigment in ‘Brown Hypnotic’

Full size, $21.00

This is a mineral eyeshadow/pigment. I like these kinds of products, especially if you wet your brush first. The color is nice – I’ll probably post an eye look using this at some point. 😉

Your Minerals eyeshadow

(I could not get a good photo of the packaging, but it’s just a standard round plastic container)

Item #5

Pur-Lisse Lip Comfort

Full size, $16.00

I tried this when I got the box and it exploded all over my lips because it was boiling hot. HELLO, SUMMER!

So I can’t really give it a fair review yet… but the texture when it’s hot is unappealing. Super greasy. Hoping for better results when it’s a normal temp. As for the scent? Meh. I do like this brand a lot, though!


And that’s a wrap, folks. Overall, this box was more exciting than something like Ipsy or Birchbox, but I wasn’t a fan of how long it took to arrive. It came today and it’s April 18th… I feel like that is kind of late???

Other than that, it was ok! Hoping for some brighter, fun colors now that Summer is approaching.

Boxy Charm


See ya next time!


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