DIY farmhouse bed

FINISHED DIY farmhouse bed

So, in part 1 of how to build a farmhouse bed, I talked about the process of how we built the bed and assembled it. We just had our new mattress delivered today and now the bedroom is finally put back together (mostly). Thankfully, because I was starting to freak the eff out about the mess. No surprise there.

Here are some finished photos after I threw my back out making the bed!

DIY farmhouse bed

The bedding is from Wayfair. Pillows are a mixture of DIY and Wayfair as well.

DIY farmhouse bed

Curtains are from Home Goods. They really brighten up the room and make it so cozy and clean feeling. I like white, can you tell?


W00, that’s bright. I can’t remember where we got the antiqued whitewashed nightstands… somewhere online… Maybe Wayfair? Overstock?

Rustic vanity

This is where the magic happens… to my face. The teal vanity is from a shop near us who restores and repurposes old furniture. It’s Duck Egg Blue by Annie Sloan, for reference.

The chair is from Home Goods, and the white drawers are from Michael’s (I store hair products and extra makeup in there). I love how the vanity color ties into the bedding.

DIT farmhouse bed

Ignore the cords – I don’t really want to drill into the wall to hide them. Sue me.

I actually repainted an ugly old wood dresser a year or so ago and now it is white and beautiful. And my love for white furniture continues.

Not pictured are the master bathroom and closet because I thought I would spare you the eyesore.

We will also be replacing the carpet with artificial wood flooring sometime in the near future. But there are many more projects in the works before that, which you will soon see. 😉 MUAHAHA.



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