My skin care essentials

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Hello hello!

I’ve been obsessing over (spending all my money) on skin care lately. I’ve been super unhappy with the appearance of my natural skin due to years and years of fake baking and refusing to apply sunscreen to my face. UGH, SO DUMB!

Anyway, I am naturally very fair… as you can see… so discoloration and scarring shows up big time on my skin.

These products have all aided in the overall health of my skin over time and I wanted to spread the word on them. Some are well-know and others aren’t as much. Let me know if you have tried any of these, love/hate them, or what works for you. Every product is linked throughout the post for your convenience. 😉

There’s also a video at the end, so be sure to watch that if you are interested in these fab products!

 1. Remove your makeup before bed

Boscia Oil

This is the Boscia Makeup Breakup Cool Cleansing Oil and you should go buy some right now. You’re welcome.

2. Cleanse your skin (I do this 2x each night… seems excessive, but nope)


I use the Clarisonic Mia 2 with Cetaphil’s gentle cleanser (or something along those lines). I wash my face first with the face wash and then use it with the Clarisonic. I only use the brush every other day. It’s an investment, but wait for Christmas or something. You’ll be happy once you have it, I promise!

3. Moisturize that skin, babe!


I will first use a serum and then follow up with a thick moisturizer with good ingredients. Also, an eye cream which is not pictured here… don’t judge me.

4. Treat your skin real nice


I use a masque 1-2 times a week. The three above (one is a two step process) are my favorites right now. Depending on your skin type and problems, you should look for masques that help ease your trouble areas.

I am oily and have some discoloration, so these help me especially well.

Skin Dimensions Vitamin C Peel (can’t find this online unfortunately)
Queen Helene’s Mint Julep Masque
Boscia Luminizing Blask Mask

5. Zap your pimps!

spot treat

And by pimps, I mean pimples. This Mario Badescu drying lotion is awesome for pimples that are just popping up and for ones that have already surfaced and made their unwelcome appearance. This will last you a long time, too.


And here’s a video where I go more in-depth to each of these products. Hope you like!

And here is a random photo of my dog, Lilly, getting in the way of my product photo shoot. Love her.




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